Speaking Request

Derek Carr is available for speaking events during the off-season and in some cases during his bye week.

Derek has a tremendous amount of experience speaking in large groups or in small, intimate settings. Derek can speak to Youth about discipline, making smart choices in life and overcoming obstacles. He loves to share his own stories on the lessons he has learned from moving to Houston when his older brother was the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, to coming back to his hometown of Bakersfield and eventually playing for Fresno State Football.

Derek can speak to leadership, adversity, and finding faith in God during the most difficult times in life. Derek can also give you all the behind the scenes look of a team meeting, the culture in the locker room and how he draws inspiration from his football team.

To find out more on how to book Derek Carr for your next event, please contact Carla Cossy at:

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